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John Orr talks Ubisoft's "Rocksmith" game, which at least is an improvement over those games with plastic guitars. January 27, 2013
John Orr talks about Triviana's reduced expectations for its Video Games section, and also reviews "Super Mario 3D Land," which is a great game. January 26, 2013
John Orr talks about OnLive's portable interface, and "Star Wars: The Old Republic." January 2012
"Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure" is pretty much a license for its developers to print money, but limited gameplay. January 2012

Regarding Arts
The KontrolFreeks the company sent us for testing. From left are the Havoc, the Phantom and the SpeedFreek. Click on the image to see our review.
KontrolFreeks are doodads that attach to the tops of game-controller joysticks, for the purpose of increasing speed, control and comfort. We were doubtful, but tried 'em and liked 'em. Read all about it.

John Orr
With the help of Nintendo developer J.C. Rodrigo, Riley uses the Wii U controller to play a new variation of Luigi's Mansion that is still in development. Very fun game.
Something of epicosity
this way comes
June 19, 2012

Riley and Maria and I got a chance to play with developmental versions of the Wii U console on Monday, and gee, did we have fun. It is a very cool device!

Ya got one player on the new handheld -- which has its own built-in screen -- and ya got four others on Wii remotes. The player with the new handheld has supreme power. It's major fun.

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